Desert Farm Resort Community

Middle East

Hidden within the heart of the valley, the Golden village creates a new, but timeless, architectural and landscape language, rooted in the geology of the Wadi. The form was inspired by the erosive processes that gave the valley its characteristic shape and structure. The faceted buildings capture rays of sunlight, creating a poetic movement of light and shadow, offering guests golden moments not to be missed. The village was not imposed upon the landscape, but carefully structured around existing palm groves, while respecting site hydrography.


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Middle East




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By altering the village topography and maximising the amount of edge, we have been able to maximise the views out toward the beautival valley landscape. The views of the mountains are one of the key assets of the project. The spatial organization of the village provides guests with the opportunity to seek privacy and special views from their accommodation or to shop and dine within centrally located commercial zones. These special views create a feeling of remoteness, yet guests are close to amenities and village assets.

Key ecological corridors will be brought through the farms and the village to ensure ecological connectivity from the Wadi mouth to the sanctuary. Although these routes will be primarily for plants and animals, select routes will also be used by people to enjoy and interact with nature. A balance must be struck between allowing space for ecology and visitors enjoyment.