Native Cabins

West Cork, Ireland

An ambitious rewilding project that offers luxury hospitality in the wild Irish landscape. Native creates beautiful cabins made from local timber, and curates exciting experiences centred on adventure, nature, and wellbeing. Native was founded on the idea that your travels are an opportunity to enhance and protect the natural environment. We want you to enjoy spending time in the wilderness, and believe the local environment and community can thrive on the back of your adventures.


Regenerative Hospitality, Rewilding




Creative Direction - Master Planning - Design


West Cork, Ireland





Native’s mission is to be the gold standard of sustainable holidays. We go beyond token commitments of planting a tree and using vague ‘eco’ terminology, to a business model designed to regenerate the environment. The planet is at the core of all our decisions from the construction methods and materials of our very own cabins, our operations, to what we do with our profits, pledging 20% to our rewilding programme.

Native wanted a carbon neutral cabin to reflect the company’s strong commitment to sustainability and ecological regeneration. As such, we endeavoured to design and build a cabin made of natural materials, including local timber, hemp insulation, wood wool fibre, and natural lime render. The cabin is entirely breathable and the absence of plastics and toxins is ideal for those with allergies and makes for good quality sleep.