Rewilded Wadi

Middle East

The overall vision is to create a unique and contemporary landscape / public realm, rooted in its natural and cultural setting. In order to create a self sustaining natural wild landscape one must first look to the past. In particular to the Paleolithic period when the arabian peninsula was widely thought to be “green”. Evidence of waterways and lakes confirm this.


Resilient Landscape




Desert Rewilding


Middle East


Gerber Architects


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The over arching goal for the project is to allow visitors to experience true “wildness.” In order to bring people closer to nature. This will be acheived by executing a major rewilding programme which encompases many layers of landscape.

The site has been categorised into three unique open space character areas. Plateau, Wadi bed and Wadi Scarp. These areas have been defined by the key physical attributes of each character area. It is important to have variety within the public realm to excite and inspire whilst simultaneously creating unity through the broader masterplan, tieing the design together. The change in vegetation, materials and unique physical forms will provide the variety whilst the consistency in the width of road profiles, signage, street lighting etc will unify the design.