Shijiazhuang Resilient City

Shijiazhuang, China

The success of the city is resilience. In particular, resilience against the threat of climate change. The urban and landscape design of the city will determine how resilient is. by enouraging urban food production, cleaning of water, recycling building materials, planting trees, restoring mangroves, renewable energy collaboration between the cities people.


Resilient Landscape




Masterplanning & Landscape Design


Shijiazhuang, China




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The landscape concept is to make self-sufficient and self-reliant city. This can be achieved by a number of means but primarily the following four pillars will make it a city that people want to invest in and make their own: Eco food production, Water Treatment, Recycling, Renewable Energy.

The proposed design celebrates water in a much more natural and traditional Chinese way, areas of rock pools, naturally meandering paths and plantings creating pockets of spaces and accessible safe areas for children and adults to engages with the water. This by utilising the “sponge city” concept (first pioneered in China) we can ensure the ongoing resilience of the city going forward.