Torino Plaza


The natural transition of species. Gradual changing to match the habitat change. The seed of Torino Plaza concept was the metaphor of the river running down to the valley, and as you move from high to low ground, you move through the spectrum of native tree and plant species. In the high ground you have the pines and alpine flowers, and in the lower ground the pioneer riparian woodland.


Resilient Landscape




Urban Landscape






In House CGIs

Low maintenance and robust species have been selected for the plant palate to minimise cost and ensure easy maintenance for years to come. The species are mostly native and will reflect the antural landscape of the region. The key design elements of the boulevard are the paving bands, which run perpendicular to the boulevard and link the southern square with the hospital building. The bands also set up a rhythm as one walks from East to West.

In the original design for the building, four courtyards were conceived. These courtyard seek to bring light and greenery into the heart of the building. The two southern courtyards are fully accessible from the internal street by patience, staff and visitors alike.